QinetiQa Holding AG and its brands Lunesa and 622 design, create and develop mechanical watches. The developments have been driven by the founder of the company since the seventies. Since then, 33 movements have been developed.


The use of resources at the corporate level creates intelligent synergies, taking into account the individual identity of each of our products. As a replacement supplier and competitor to ETA SA, we have very good chances of increasing our production to 100’000 movements by the end of 2020 with our movements.


In keeping with its manufacturing philosophy, Lunesa develops its own movements inhouse. The achievements of this longterm strategy are proven expertise and innovative spirit, which is now supported by two generations. The extensive collection of Haute Horlogerie movements is documented by all our developments. The tourbillon with multiple complications, our chronographs, our perpetual calendar or our minute repeater and many more. Our movements meet the requirements of our current and future collections because they significantly different from the usual movements of the market. In our developments, we always keep an eye on our legacy of the brand and technically transport the proven with new approaches into the future. This is the only way to create true masterpieces.


The growth potential of the market is enormous from our point of view. Since only the major brands have their own movement productions, most other brands depend on third suppliers. The demand for movements is huge, as there are only a few small factories producing their own movements.


We have been developing mechanical movements for over 40 years. Due to our many years of experience, we have an enormous know-how. The development of mechanical movements from a simple movement with hours, minutes, seconds and date to the complicated chronograph with rattrapante, perpetual calendars, as well as a minutes repeater and tourbillons. In our designs you will also find solutions for sunrise and sunset time, big and small sun, the declination of the sun, the lunar calendar, three-axis tourbillon and much more.











So when you talk about Lunesa, you are truly talking of Swiss watchmaking: The firm‘s history would fill a book. It is a fascinating history, intimately entwined with that of the city with which it has become synonymous Geneva. With it‘s thriving community of jewelers, goldsmiths and gemsetters, this most cosmopolitan of cities that has emerged as the headquarters of so many global organizations, was ideally poised to become a pioneer in the production of clocks an watches. As early as 1601, the first watchmakers guild had been established there. Master horologists were known as „cabinotiers“ after the attic „cabinet“, or workshops, in which they choose to work because of their need for the best natural-light source. One such cabinotiers, by the name of Gerhard Bounvine, became so confident of his abilities that the decided to set up his own company, Lunesa in 1777. Little did he suspect that the name Lunesa will be destined to reverberate around the world and become forever associated with the art of fine watchmaking, a benchmark for all connoisseurs of this unique blend of technological know-how and aesthetic creativity. Lunesa has always aimed to offer it‘s customers the chance „to be different without being ostentatious and to be able to enjoy everyday luxury. It has achieved this by adapting to changing fashion and technical innovation and by steadfastly pursuing a combination of style and casual, understated elegance. It recalls the „Golden Number“ theory of proportion and balance that it‘s most notable disciple. Leonardo da Vinci, renamed in 1509 as the „divine proportion“. Proportion is what Lunesa is all about constantly striving to achieve the perfect balance between the needs of the contemporary watch wearer and the classical canons of this time-honored art. Lunesas sales strategy is focused on state of art products because, today the consumer is independent and better educated. He or she no longer thinks of a product as being „expensive“ or „cheap“ but whether it gives pleasure and the value of that personal pleasure. It‘s this prince less know-how, handed down from generation to generation, that has enabled Lunesa to scale the pinnacle of technical accomplishments, culminating in it‘s creation of the new watch collection. For luxury watchmaking still depends crucially on the skills of it‘s practitioners the jeweler who perfectly calibrates and adjusts a diamond by hand, the engraver who chases a bracelet with infinite precision, the master horologist who takes several hundred incredibly gestures to assemble a movement.








Lunesa is one of the few authentic Swiss watch Manufactures. Lunesa develops, designs and manufactures all the components of the watch and it‘s heart, the movement, in house. This enormous effort enables it to offer a complete collection of extremely complicated movements, and prestigious mechanical watches. It is our aim in the future to be innovative and high watchmaking continues to advance, to create outstanding and modern timepieces captivate people around the world. Lunesa represents the pleasure to wear exclusive watches that are made with tremendous passion and attention for every small detail with the highest Swiss quality standard and precision. The company has mainly a uniqueness in terms of product development and innovation. Advanced technologies and equipment help to optimize the accuracy and functionality of our watches.




In line with its manufacture philosophy, Lunesa develops and makes its own movements inhouse. The accomplishments of this longterm strategy are proven expertise and a complete portfolio of movements. The extensive collection of 33 Haute Horlogerie movements is illustrated by our pieces: The Tourbillon with multiple complications including, for example, chronograph, perpetual calendar, or minute repeater. Lunesa offers also a complete range of self-winding mechanical movements. Lunesa watches are designed to satisfy the demands of current and future collections. The internally produced movements are part of a modern and original approach to the development of mechanical watches, combined with the timeless respect for the brand’s heritage and philosophy. We are assigned with the task of coming up with new mechanisms, and find new solutions. The caliber gradually takes shape on the developer’s screen. The challenge is overwhelming: inside a diameter of a few centimeters, he has to assemble one to two hundred microscopic components, manage their thousands of interactions and make sure they can stand the test of time. Solving the questions of space uptake and intermeshing takes months, sometimes years of consideration. The tiniest modification may affect a host of other parts, and with each assumption that the engineer tries out, he has to reexamine and readjust all the parameters, over and over again. The designer develops his project with the aid of advanced software, CAD and 3D simulation tools. There is no room for estimates: the engineer has to design all the production processes of the movement and the tools needed to make it. Complex calculations take place to choose the best manufacturing options, each process, each tool has to be the most suitable for efficient production methods. All these factors must be checked to make sure production and assembly will go smoothly. Alongside the engineer, the designer makes dozens of plans to finalize the design process. We organize the tree structure of each element, from the row material cutout down to the final piece with all the components set in place. This lengthy task provides a description of the movement down to the last detail, at every stage of its development.





The Prayer Watch 622 with its complexity is a huge milestone in the watch making history. The idea of this masterpiece with its 50 complications in one timepiece is to implement the exact five prayer time position per day, in combination with its two perpetual calendars inspired by the desire of this culture. This is the most captivating of all known and new complications which in this combination fascinates everyone. In this case we tried to overcome technological barriers that so far were deemed insurmountable and to develop totally new mechanisms put together in an incredible design. The Prayer Watch 622 is a unique and tremendous masterpiece for all generations. This complexity of these ingenious mechanisms shows the unmatched talent, competence and know-how of our watchmakers.


The five prayer time positions

A tribute to the watch making we present a very unique timepiece which is the only one to reproduce exactly the specific chimes of unique clock that strikes the time in exactly amplitudes necessary for the prayer time. It is similar to a Sonnerie with a „grande strike and petite strike“ to implement the exact five prayer time position per day. In grande strike position it will strike the number of hours on a single gong at the turn of the hour and in addition, at the passing of each quarter hour will strike the hours with single chimes and the quarters with double chimes. In petite strike position the hours will be struck on the hour and the quarters only as they pass.


The strike mechanism

One of the amazing features of this watch is the strike on demand function. The watch’s movement is augmented by a chiming mechanism which also has the classic minute-repeating function. It chimes the time down to the minute and the hours, quarter-hours, and minutes of mean time are acoustically indicated. The chiming mechanism with its five prayers time positions in combination with the minute-repeating function is such a complexity which exceeds the traditional known minute repeaters. With this feature the Prayer Watch 622 is a really unique and exceptional timepiece.


The two perpetual calendars

The Prayer Watch 622 is a complex timepiece for the traditional calendar to the new two calendar philosophy putting the traditional solar calendar with the Islamic lunar calendar, i.e. the Western World and the Islamic World on the same level of recognition, trust and respect. Our two perpetual calendars in the Prayer Watch 622 also show the age of the moon and the seasons. As far as can be judged from the pictures the two perpetual calendars are showing an tremendous execution and classic creative design, especially with a retrograde month indication for the Islamic calendar. One of the impressive features next to their basic functions is that the two perpetual calendars can manage some other mechanisms related to them, for example the equation of time and that means it shows both local mean time and true solar time. The Prayer Watch has a dial for local mean time and a subsidiary dial which indicates the number of minutes to be added or subtracted to obtain true solar time. This is important for the Prayer Watch 622 because it enables straight readings of local mean time, true solar time, and the difference between the two.


Sunrise, transit and sunset

Another amazing feature of this very unique mechanism with two perpetual calendars and integrated equation of time, is the display which shows the changing sunrise, transit, three-quarter of the transit, sunset and the last visible light in an arc-shaped opening between 10 and 2 o’clock. The position of the sun in this arc-shaped opening provides a 24-hour day/night display with a separate scale for the declination of the sun. We regulate this duration through longitude parameters implemented on separate dial. In this case the day horizon must be adjusted by the longitude parameters because in every time zone the sun light is moving from east to west and is different among the time zone. Therefore the proper position of the measurement point must be exactly allocated, which guarantees a perfect and precise measurement of the sunrise, the transit of the sun, the three-quarter of the transit, the sunset time and the last visible light time.




Race Timing Innovation


For a number of years our Master watchmaker and one of the industry’s foremost architects of the complex

mechanical timepiece, has been busy developing an extraordinary new autoracing chronometer for the modern world.


Pursuing the Dream


• Certified Chronometre timekeeping accuracy

• Certified Chronometre race-time recording accuracy

• “Rattrapante” split timing for recording 2 separate cars/events

• Race-time recording accuracy down to 1/10th of a second

• Race car dashboard style register, gauge and indication layout

• Retrograde 30 minute chronograph counter at 9 o’clock position

• Retrograde 12 hour chronograph counter at 3 o’clock position

• Retrograde Power Reserve gauge below 30 minute counter

• Retrograde 12 Hour Cycle gauge below 12 hour counter

• Constant 1/10th of-a second register at 6:00 position

• Ergonomic streamlined 44mm stainless steel case

• Extra-hard ceramic speed calculating tachometry outer bezel

• Outer chronograph start/stop pusher adjacent to 2 o’clock

• Outer chronograph reset-to-zero pusher adjacent to 4 o’clock

• Winding crown located rattrapante activation pusher

• Dual-train movement with 2 independent power supplies

• Highly efficient automatic self-winding system

• Separate balance wheels for timekeeping and time recording functions

• Two separate anchor escapement systems

• Two separate barrels & mainsprings

• 5 Hz. / 36,000 beats per hour (10 beats per second) timekeeping

• 5 Hz. / 36,000 beats per hour (10 beats per second) race-time recording

• 36 hour power-reserve timekeeping train

• 52 hour power-reserve race time recording train

• Tarnish proof, non-oxidizing Argentan plates & bridges

• Non-degrading synthetic oils & lubricants at all friction points and bearings

Jim Clark








Due to the fast growth of the company in the watch component manufacturing, the company has now reached a capacity bottle neck and is seeking new capital in order to invest in new equipment in order to increase the production capacity for the manufacturing of watch components, as well as for the manufacturing of medicine and dental technique. The company has enough existing production space and does need to invest in new buildings, but in high-end-machinery.


QinetiQa has also clean rooms already built, but not used at this point in time.


QinetiQa is already producing highly sophisticated/complicated prototypes/samples for medical institutes/medical technology companies, but due to their capacity issue explained above, the company is not able to move to an industrial phase for the medical industry. The company is known for their fast response to customer’s demand and works very closely with their medical technology customers to ensure a quick, price competitive and high quality delivery of prototypes.


Another important area is the production of prototypes, Instruments and implants to the customers with short delivery times. The range of customers is wide and includes the industry as well as research institutes and also Universities with their demands. QinetiQa is able to react within shortest time which makes the company unique among the big players and the workbenches of the craftsmen.


The greatest strenght of QinetiQa is the team of highly specialized specialists. All employees of QinetiQa’s team have the opportunity to develop and implement their own innovations. The enthusiasm of our development team for state-of-the-art medical technology, its commitment to the highest quality and its commitment to lifelong learning are reflected in the clearly recognizable precipitation in QinetiQa’s innovative medical technology solutions

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